Thursday 13 August 2015

2 Lieutenant-General

It has passed 74 years since Japan army occupied Singapore. Soon after the Pearl Harbor, they invaded South Asia and reached to Singapore in 1941. Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival of British Army surrendered soon.

There are many WWII spot reserved there. Not only pillbox vestige in the city, there is a war museum in Sentosa Island. It is originally an amusement park but they are keeping historical sights. It is interesting to see that next room of wax doll Percival signed surrendered document in 1941, there is a room that Lieutenant-General Yamashita signed also surrendered document in 1945.

In the center of the city, there is a monument which was found by Japanese government for the memorial of civilian victims. It is said Yamashita killed 5000 Singapore civilians for spy suspicion. I don’t like to believe it. There is also a Changi prison near it for the prisoner of Japanese army. Singapore looks very attractive for the foreigner but they are still cautious for outsider as of today.

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