Tuesday 30 September 2014

HK demonstration

In HK, they have a big demonstration on the street. Their parents and grandparents generation run away from mainland China. It was a time of WWII and domestic war before and after. Most of them were rich and belonged to intelligent sector so that HK became modern and exotic city. Its atmosphere mixed Asia and Western culture. But the history was ironic that HK again became the part of China after returning from UK in 1997.

Under the territory of China, I wonder whether HK has a real democracy. It is said they have one country and two system. But it is not easy to live together both of democrats and communist.

I don’t like the city of HK as it is building desert, no green, narrow, dirty, expensive apartment, money oriented culture. On the contrary, I like Hong Kong people who are modern, well English ability, and smart. They are ready to evacuate to US and Canada at any time. I know Hong Konger don’t like to be called Chinese.  I am intersted in what's going on. 

Monday 29 September 2014





Saturday 27 September 2014

Kim Jong-un and Gout

There is a rumor that Kim Jong-un, autocrat of North Korea, became gout. He was pictured his walking to drag one leg. Newspaper said he eats and drinks too much every day. He is out of official place after that.

My colleague H-san also became gout few years ago. He is still middle of 40s. I asked him why you became gout? Then he said that he ate seasoned cod roe (Mentaiko) every in the morning as he liked it. The cod was his country fish. According to the doctor, there is no big difference between one roe and egg of chicken. It means the gout relates not the size of egg..

He originally likes a beer but has a pain at the top of toe when he drinks one glass of beer. I am hesitating to speak about a beer in front of him. If we become gout once, it will not recover soon. It is a problem.

Friday 26 September 2014

Let's go Dutch !

When I was drinking at Izakaya (Japanese Pub), I saw a TV which was introducing inside of Dutch Embassy in Japan. I was interested in seeing beautiful tulip garden, staff simple lunch eating just bread with butter and strawberry. I did not know so called Dutch meant “simple” and now understood original meaning of  "Let's go Dutch" was stingy.

I have special sympathy to Holland as I was a member of Hollanders Club in Singapore. It was social club and many expatriates not only Dutch but also Germany, French, Australian, Kiwi, and also local people were there. There were tennis courts, swimming pool, pub, etc. which was very comfortable space to me. Dutch were open minded people who were tolerant and have an ability to share with different culture.

Dutch were first comer to Japan. They opened their commercial house in the small island (Dejima) at Kyushu in the middle of 1600. TV said current embassy figure imitates its Dejima island.

Thursday 25 September 2014

Bath culture

Japanese like to have a bath every in the evening. My friend spends his weekend at his leisurely bath with reading a book. Today’s newspaper said 42% of Japanese take bath and 19% take shower when they came back to home. I am surprised at that ratio as my daily wash is shower.

Bath practice comes from Onsen (hot spring) culture. I am proud of Onsen in the world due to its water quality and welcome soft infrastructure like hotel and warm heart hostesses. We have more 27,000 Onsen around the islands. Even in the center of Tokyo, the hot water surely comes if we dig 2,000 m under the ground.

If you go to the local area in Japan, you can see men and women naturalist at Onsen who are enjoying together. I took my friends of Belgium couple to Shiriyaki Onsen where was 200 km north of Tokyo the other day. It was a natural river surrounded by the mountains and hot water boiled from the bottom of river. Many local people were there with wearing nothing. I and guys were shame as we were wearing swimming suites. Anyway Onsen season comes.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Hilary & Carole

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in US this week and met Hilary Clinton on discussion forum. It was said that he emphasized the role of women in society. I don't know why he suddenly became the feminist. I wonder how and why he changed so drastically in short time as he was originally an ultra conservative man.

Mrs. Clinton is a candidate for next President. But my concern is not political but more wife and husband matter. When Bill Clinton recognized the improper physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky, I guessed the power balance at home had changed. Since then, she became one of the symbol of independent women in the world.

I am very old fashioned man so that it is not easy to catch up this change. On the way back to Tokyo from mountain side this weekend, I listened the song of Tapestry by Carole King in the car for a long time. It was so soft and feminin touch! How the word is so beautiful like "once aimed the soft silver sadness in the sky.....". I like this nostalgia in 70s.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Himeji & Conger taste

I went to Himeji city on business. Himeji is west of Osaka and locates in the middle of industrial zone in the Seto Inland Sea. It is also famous for its castle which was built in 1346 and is now the world heritage site of Japan

Seto Inland Sea is so quiet and warm around the year. A lot of fishes are living there. Those are not Bonito, Dolphin, nor Whale but small ones like Conger, Whiting, Cuttlefish and Octopus. When I took breakfast at hotel restaurant, I was surprised at baked conger with hot rice and miso soup to be served !

On the way back to Tokyo, I found garnishes conger at kiosk of railway station. I bought it with local Sake as both combination is so nice and I knew it made me relax on return coach. Garnishes conger was so good as expected so that I ordered to deliver more 30 packs after coming back to home.  

Sunday 21 September 2014





Saturday 20 September 2014


今週は友人のT君に誘われジャズを聴きに行った。場所は青山のBlue Note、本場NYの日本拠点である。

その日の目玉はベースのカイル・イーストウッド(Kyle Eastwood)であった。端正な顔立ちと静かな物腰は見ていてスマートだ。それもそのはず、彼は名優クリント・イーストウッド(Clint Eastwood)の子供である。クリント・イーストウッドは、西部劇、ダーティーハリーの刑事シリーズなど多くの映画に活躍したヒーローだ。調べてみると、2度の結婚+で7人の子供がいるらしいが、カイルはその最初の子供だった。


Thursday 18 September 2014





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Monday 15 September 2014





Wednesday 10 September 2014



それに比べて若い頃、特に子供の頃は何と一日が長かったことか。そんな話をしていたら、誰かがスタンド・バイ・ミー(Stand By Me)の映画の話を持ち出した。アメリカの田舎に住む小学生4人組の物語だ。子供たちの一泊2日の体験を映画にした至極身近なストーリーだが、たったの2日間に大人の1年分位の出会いと興奮が詰まっている。


Tuesday 9 September 2014





Monday 8 September 2014

Bite the Dust!


現地アメリカの新聞の見出しは、Bite the Dust!だった。Dustはホコリなので、「霞を食べる」が転じて夢が叶ったという意味かと最初は思った。ところが調べてみると、「砂ホコリを口にする」だから、「打ち負かされた」の意味だった。主語は錦織でなくジョコビッチやフェデラーで、彼らが打ちのめされた事の方が話題だったようだ。ジョコビッチ、フェデラー、ナダル・・・の大物がピークアウトして行く一方、若い選手が台頭して来た、そんな時代の境目も感じる。


Sunday 7 September 2014





Friday 5 September 2014


フランス大統領と別れたヴァレリー嬢が暴露本を出版しようとしている。本のタイトルは「その時を有難う(Merci pour ce moment)」である。


ヴァレリー嬢は本の中でフランソワ(大統領)は可哀想な人だと述べている。可哀想とは英語でPoorだが貧しいという意味もある。大統領は本当は貧しい人が好きでないのに、表向きはそうでないように振る舞っている・・・という。フランス語で貧しい人という表現は、「歯の無い人達(Les Sans- dents)」と言うらしい。彼女はそれを本の中で使ったので、今フランスで流行語になっている。ともあれ普通は1~3万部程度と言われる出版部数が、今回は20万部と予想されている。彼女にも印税が60万ユーロ(約9千万円)入る。いやはや、女は恐ろしい・・・!

Wednesday 3 September 2014





Monday 1 September 2014



70年代だったか、精神病棟を描いた「カッコウの巣の上で(One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest)」という映画があった。見終わると、精神患者と正常な自分が殆ど差異がないのに気が付く。ひょっとして自分も患者なのだろうか?と錯覚してしまう。所詮弱者と強者なんてあってないものだ。だからこそ、その一線を超えたことに怒りを感じる。