Tuesday 30 September 2014

HK demonstration

In HK, they have a big demonstration on the street. Their parents and grandparents generation run away from mainland China. It was a time of WWII and domestic war before and after. Most of them were rich and belonged to intelligent sector so that HK became modern and exotic city. Its atmosphere mixed Asia and Western culture. But the history was ironic that HK again became the part of China after returning from UK in 1997.

Under the territory of China, I wonder whether HK has a real democracy. It is said they have one country and two system. But it is not easy to live together both of democrats and communist.

I don’t like the city of HK as it is building desert, no green, narrow, dirty, expensive apartment, money oriented culture. On the contrary, I like Hong Kong people who are modern, well English ability, and smart. They are ready to evacuate to US and Canada at any time. I know Hong Konger don’t like to be called Chinese.  I am intersted in what's going on. 

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