Saturday 27 September 2014

Kim Jong-un and Gout

There is a rumor that Kim Jong-un, autocrat of North Korea, became gout. He was pictured his walking to drag one leg. Newspaper said he eats and drinks too much every day. He is out of official place after that.

My colleague H-san also became gout few years ago. He is still middle of 40s. I asked him why you became gout? Then he said that he ate seasoned cod roe (Mentaiko) every in the morning as he liked it. The cod was his country fish. According to the doctor, there is no big difference between one roe and egg of chicken. It means the gout relates not the size of egg..

He originally likes a beer but has a pain at the top of toe when he drinks one glass of beer. I am hesitating to speak about a beer in front of him. If we become gout once, it will not recover soon. It is a problem.

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