Thursday 25 September 2014

Bath culture

Japanese like to have a bath every in the evening. My friend spends his weekend at his leisurely bath with reading a book. Today’s newspaper said 42% of Japanese take bath and 19% take shower when they came back to home. I am surprised at that ratio as my daily wash is shower.

Bath practice comes from Onsen (hot spring) culture. I am proud of Onsen in the world due to its water quality and welcome soft infrastructure like hotel and warm heart hostesses. We have more 27,000 Onsen around the islands. Even in the center of Tokyo, the hot water surely comes if we dig 2,000 m under the ground.

If you go to the local area in Japan, you can see men and women naturalist at Onsen who are enjoying together. I took my friends of Belgium couple to Shiriyaki Onsen where was 200 km north of Tokyo the other day. It was a natural river surrounded by the mountains and hot water boiled from the bottom of river. Many local people were there with wearing nothing. I and guys were shame as we were wearing swimming suites. Anyway Onsen season comes.

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