Wednesday 24 September 2014

Hilary & Carole

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is in US this week and met Hilary Clinton on discussion forum. It was said that he emphasized the role of women in society. I don't know why he suddenly became the feminist. I wonder how and why he changed so drastically in short time as he was originally an ultra conservative man.

Mrs. Clinton is a candidate for next President. But my concern is not political but more wife and husband matter. When Bill Clinton recognized the improper physical relationship with Monica Lewinsky, I guessed the power balance at home had changed. Since then, she became one of the symbol of independent women in the world.

I am very old fashioned man so that it is not easy to catch up this change. On the way back to Tokyo from mountain side this weekend, I listened the song of Tapestry by Carole King in the car for a long time. It was so soft and feminin touch! How the word is so beautiful like "once aimed the soft silver sadness in the sky.....". I like this nostalgia in 70s.

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