Friday 26 September 2014

Let's go Dutch !

When I was drinking at Izakaya (Japanese Pub), I saw a TV which was introducing inside of Dutch Embassy in Japan. I was interested in seeing beautiful tulip garden, staff simple lunch eating just bread with butter and strawberry. I did not know so called Dutch meant “simple” and now understood original meaning of  "Let's go Dutch" was stingy.

I have special sympathy to Holland as I was a member of Hollanders Club in Singapore. It was social club and many expatriates not only Dutch but also Germany, French, Australian, Kiwi, and also local people were there. There were tennis courts, swimming pool, pub, etc. which was very comfortable space to me. Dutch were open minded people who were tolerant and have an ability to share with different culture.

Dutch were first comer to Japan. They opened their commercial house in the small island (Dejima) at Kyushu in the middle of 1600. TV said current embassy figure imitates its Dejima island.

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