Tuesday 3 November 2015

Martha Argerich

I used to go Oita Prefecture where is one of the six prefectures in Kyushu island. Kyushu locates south of Japan so warm with many hot springs (Onsen). It is said Oita has the most numbers of Onsen in Japan. I didn’t know that. It is inconvenient access from airport to the city so the limousine takes 1 hour.

Oita prefecture is well famous for music festival that Martha Argerich participates every year. She is Argentine great pianist who became famous when she won Chopin Piano Competition in 1965. When I was a high school student, she came to Japan and played at Ueno concert hall. I never forget her energetic performance.

I don’t know much about her but happy to hear that she is still continuing her piano so far and loves such local Japanese region. If I had a chance to meet her, I would like to convey my heart that I was so excited and could not have slept at that night.

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