Saturday 26 December 2015


It was a Christmas day yesterday. Japanese Buddhist are not directly concerned with this Christian sacred events. It is just one of the drinking day. I dropped Izakaya after work as usual. For young couple, it is important day how they spend their evening especially with whom. If you say to someone that you pass the eve watching TV in your room, people would laugh thinking that you are real bachelor. It is a miserable moment for single man.

We are proud of our emperor Akihito who was born one day before Jesus Christ birthday. It was Dec.23rd now being national holiday in Japan. On Dec 25th, Humphrey Bogart was borne in 1899 and Chaplin died in 1977. We remember Rumania ex-President Ceausescu was executed and Soviet President Gorbatchev resigned the same day.

Something happens somewhere but it is an ordinary day for most people.

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