Thursday 24 December 2015

Childhood and origin

Shintaro Ishihara, 83 years old, is a novelist, ex-governor of Tokyo Metropolitan City, and an extreme right politician. I wonder how his origin was coming from ? I found an article in the newspaper that he went to hear Tokyo tribunal of war criminals with his uncle when he was a child. At the entrance of court, MP asked him to stop and ordered to put off his Geta (wooden shoes) as it was noisy. He followed and went into the court without shoes. It said this humiliating experience cultivated his rivalry mind to US.

I was contrastively opposite. When I was a student, I traveled all America with hitchhiking in summer. In Las Vegas I luckily could see Elvis Presley show at Caesars Palace. I got a ticket but hesitated to go in as my dress was jeans and t-shirts when all visitors were with formal dress. I asked someone “ Is it Ok with this ?” He said “ No problem, come to our table!” I came to like tolerant American style since then.

If you want to understand the people, better to ask what he/she was doing and thinking in his/her childhood.

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