Wednesday 22 June 2016

Barvarian and barbarian

One day I asked a friend of mine why he was Barvarian. He was German lived in south of Munich, Barvaria region, He said "Yes but why you ask me such a thing?" Then I told "As you are gentle and diligent nationality“ He had no words. So I asked again,” Are Barvarian violent nature? " He looked to be frustrating. I noticed our conversation did not overlap and something was wrong.

When I was reading a Macedonia history book yesterday, I found historical hero named Conan who was famous for " Conan the Barbarian " It was a starring Arnold Schwarznegger movie with his debut work. Yes, English spelling barbarian and barvarian are totally different that I didn’t know. I am ashamed to say that I was mixing to use for long time.

I have been wondering why Conan was from Germany till yesterday. Now it became clear.

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