Friday 9 September 2016

Emperor`s abdiction

Since Emperor Akihito addressed his sentiment to abdicate the throne during his lifetime, one month passed. It was very sincere speaking out that most of people impressively had a sympathy. He was afraid of many ceremonies continued after his death would bring burden to Empress. The nation people accepted his will as it was very normal.

If he retires, Prince Naruhito will succeed. I like him personally that his interest overlaps mine. He used to bring Chivas Regal whisky for mountain climbing. His most favorite book is "Conte Monte Christo" of Alexander Duma, That`s exactly what I do.

Though I have no special sentiment for Emperor, I feel sometimes something different from others. If I am ordered to jump off from the cliff for dedication, I may not reject it. That`s my friend used to have told me the same thing. He has still an exstra power that we follow. It`s an oppotunity to think about Emperor system.

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