Monday 17 November 2014

Nishikori's challenge

I was excited to see the ATP world tour finals in London on TV. Japanese Kei Nishikori advanced to the final round after he defeated Andy Murray and David Ferrer. He was unfortunately beaten by NO1 Djokovic in the full set. Nishikori lost a chance to control the match in the first game of third set. He took 40-15 against Djokovic but finally blew up with netting the ball.

Both players looked very nervous. I think it related to a big prize money. Participation fee and Round-Robin match win for both $155,000 and Semi-Final match win for $475,000, etc. It’s a big surprise that winner Djokovic got at least $1,825,000 a week!

After seeing the match, it is not only me but my colleagues also changed their tennis style being to hit hard and aggressive like Nishikori. I am looking forward to seeing his challenge for 2015.

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