Sunday 22 February 2015

Battleship MIKASA

2015 is 110th anniversary for the sea battle between Japan and Russia. I heard Japan naval battleship MIKASA was remained at Yokosuka port. I went to see there on weekend. MIKASA was no more a ship but fixed to the wharf. I asked a person in charge why it was not bombed at WWII. He said US navy reserved this port foreseeing the disembarking. 

MIKASA was famous for defeating Russia Baltic Fleets in 1905. Prior to the battle, Admiral Togo spoke the destiny of our empire depended upon this action. It was really true. If Japan lost, I must have become a socialism country man. It was terrible!

Russian Baltic Fleets left port at Libau which current name was Liepaya in Latvia. I also visited there few years ago. I asked the tourist information where was memorial museum. But young Latvian didn’t know such fleets name. Only ruined apartment and destroyed pillbox proved the history.   

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