Wednesday 6 April 2016

Quirk in Yellowstone

Next to Grand Canyon, it was Yellowstone National Park that I visited. It was the oldest national park in the world. Geyser eruption and Roosevelt lodge were famous.

I was a backpacker so was waiting a car passing. It was not only me but so many hippies were there as competitors. Then one car stopped about 20m ahead. Many hippies rushed but the driver said “It’s you!” pointing me. I wonder why it was me. Things became clear after I got a seat.  Driver’s wife was Japanese. I read a riddle.

I was also lucky that a driver was a famous Professor of Management Science in US who was also a visiting professor of my University in Tokyo. His wife was descendant of touristic spot of 16 building in Nagasaki. I was taken care of his house in Washington DC a week later. It was a quirk of fate in Yellowstone.

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