Tuesday 5 April 2016

Flashlight in Grand Canyon

My friend came back from Las Vegas. He went Grand Canyon from there and gave me a photo. Grand Canyon me manqué.

When I was 20s, I visited there in summer. After camping the top of cliff, I went down to the bottom of valley along the trail which took more 10km. Finally I could have reached the Colorado River. It was a hot day so that I jumped into the water soon after that. It was a wonderful moment. I camped along the river taking a rest in my sleeping bag. Then an American big guy came to me and said "Do you have a flashlight?"

I asked "Yes, but why?" He told "Walking in night is not hot and we can save an energy. Let's climb up together with your flashlight!" I hesitated for a moment but followed his advice. Then both of us started in the midnight. I was carrying 25kg bag though a big guy had just a water bottle. Time passed by and by and dawn brakes. Then he told "Thank for your flashlight. Are you all right?" I said "No I can't move." And he told "Never mind! I will call a ranger when I arrive at station." Then he left leaving me. 2 hours later a ranger came with donkey and helped me. I got dehydrated.

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