Friday 1 May 2020

Federer challenge

It's boring to stay home so long days. I have nothing to do besides cleaning up the room. Wiping furniture makes me refresh and change pace. It also help me to find forgotten things and I am seeing them with nostalgic mind.

Yesterday I found old newspaper of July 2003. It said in the front page that WHO declared to terminate SARS. I had few memory for SARS as Japan was not damaged so seriously. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea had huge infected people totally over 8000 which 10 % of them were killed. It was developed in Guandong in China. New coronavirus was also developed in Wuhan and I wonder why China always be a source of infection.

Anyway, a friend of mine is tennis lover who sent me a interesting youtube that was called Federer challenge. Things is how many times to continue the volley with hitting the wall. Federer did it over 200 times a minute ! It is incredible to hit the ball from such a short distance ! I am enjoying to challenge for it in my garden and it helps me to kill time.

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