Friday 15 May 2020

Hemingway DVD

I like to see the old DVD based on Ernest Hemingway novels. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "Old Man and the Sea" are good that makes me overlap with Hemigway's adventurous life. I feel an affinity with "A Farewell to Arms" since I visted the Italian border named Kobarid three years ago. It was a battlefield called Caporretto in WWI that an American soldier Gary Cooper in the movie ran away for seeking his fiance. I took a walk in the mountain for a hour and found a lot of trench ruins that reminded me of fierce battle more 100 years ago.

If I were asked by someone which is the best film, I should say it is  "The Snows of Kirimanjaro". The picture was taken in Africa in the foot of Kirimanjaro mountain. Gregory Peck acted for Hemingway injured by tenanus and waited for rescue plain to come. He felt his end of life to come and looked back in the camping bed for passed wonderful life. Many images came and went in his mind's eye that experienced meeting and parting with a lot of women and joined Spanish civil war, WWI and WWII as a soldier and journalist.

He lived in Ritz Hotel in Paris and enjoyed party every day with his friends. After WWII was over in 1956, he again had a chance to stay at Ritz and then found his old trunks accidentally that he left before WWI in 1928. When he opened and saw it, he found his files and notebook that encouraged him to start again for his new life. This story represents how Ritz is linked by fate for his gorgeous life in Paris. He ended his own life by gun in 1981.

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