Tuesday 17 March 2015

Ameri-Kahn Sniper

I saw a movie “American Sniper” which took Academy awards in 2015. It was a war movie with human heart and was produced by Clint Eastwood. His “Iwo Jima” was one of my impressed movie that I have ever seen.

Few weeks ago, there was an article in Le Point that made an ironical issue for American Sniper. It was a DSK using his name as “Ameri-Kahn Sniper”. DSK stands for Dominique Strass Kahn, former Managing Director of IMF. He is now under prosecution for the sex scandal at Lille court in France. Cartoon interestingly says he is mixing the affairs in NY and Lille.

American Sniper was realy hero in US local town. DSK is very difficult for being the hero in France.

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