Saturday 2 January 2016

Djokovic overcomes Musashi?

2016 has begun. It’s a national holiday this week. I have nothing to do except drinking. I saw a classic movie on TV that was “Miyamoto Musashi : Duel of Ganryu Island”. Nakamura Kinnosuke, old Japanese actor, was nice to have played. Musashi, 17th century Samurai, is famous for 2 swords user who cut in two with single stroke. He was not only a swordsman but also a spiritual Samurai. I have a lot of friends who are reading his Five Rings. Cut by heart not a might!, that he emphasized.

One day before the duel, he didn`t eat a lot. The hotel owner asked him why you didn`t eat. He told that the fat would make him slow his move. After all he won the match against Sasaki Kojiro in short time.

I remember the book of “Serve To Win” by Novak Djokovic who is a NO1 tennis player in a world. He is keeping top position for long time although Nishikori challenged him many times. Djokovic never eat bread and pasta nor drink beer. His team mates are controlling him. I wonder Djokovic overcomes Musashi?  

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