Monday 25 January 2016

Match-fixing for tennis

I got a big shock that there was match-fixing at professional tennis tournament. What’s 16 players in top 50th in decade were suspiciously related ! If it were Boat race, Horse racing, Football etc., I can accept it but why tennis?

An Australian Open is going on this week. If Federer vs Goffin and Djokovic vs Simon were bets on match, no one would see it.

It was not a match-fixing but temptation of money. When I participated tennis tournament the other day, my opposition asked me to bet the car own, He was a rich accountant and it was half joking. His car was new BMW and my car was 30 years old Mitsubishi in contrast. I hesitated to say yes as this kind of play would not suit to the sportsmanship. Then play started and I finally won. I am ashamed to say that I regret not to have accepted this trade even now.

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