Tuesday 26 January 2016

Sicily mafia and cash

I am interested in reading a book of Sicily mafia. Don Colreone is famous for the movie The Godfather. I have a nostalgia for the trip to Sicily that made me so visualize 4 years ago. Sicily was very beautiful island with its natural environment and historical spots. People were also so exotic. I saw old Arabic white dress men, prostitute waiting for track driver and mafia style men gathering in the evening.

During the traveling, I had a trouble for the payment. Most of the Hotel, Bar and restaurant were not allowed to have used a credit card. They accepted only cash. It was not normal and the same thing happened when I visited Kokura in Japan.

Kokura city located in north Kyushu island was industrial area and also famous for Japanese mafia (Yakuza) basement. There was no Chinese restaurant as Mafia put them away with grenade the other day. Kokura was also lucky for the citizen as it was original target for atomic bomb by B29. It was Kokura but pilot changed to Hiroshima due to the cloudy weather. Both Mafia prefer cash as they don't like to leave the evidence.

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