Saturday 26 March 2016

Made in Japan(Sony)

Japanese electrics appliance manufacture faces critical moment. Sanyo was liquidated after merged with Panasonic. Sharp was bought by Taiwan company. Then how about Sony?

Sony is still well although they are suffering deficit for a long time. Sony is typical company that symbolizes Japanese economic success after WWII. In 80s, the founder of Sony Mr.Morita published a book called ”Made In Japan”. I was interested in reading that he stayed in first class hotel when he visited NY in 1950s as reputation was so important for new comer. In the book of Jeffery Archer of Harry Clifton chronicle series, Harry’s son succeeded for the finance of Sony. It was 60s.

What is popular products for Sony now? It is Nishikori! He is the top tennis player whom owner of Sony invested with his pocket money. It was not only him to have helped but Nishikori qualified his expectation. Nishikori became Walkman.

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