Tuesday 2 December 2014

Terrible hichhiking

There is TV program named “Why you are coming to Japan?” on Monday evening. It is interesting to see that foreign people visiting Japan behave an unexpected fantastic challenge.

This week it was an Israelite young guy coming to Japan planned to travel Japan islands taking 2 months. He illegally sleeps at the public park and lives at $20 budget per day. So his transportation is mostly a hich hiking. Hich hiking is the way that I used to do it when I was a student. I traveled Kyushu island when I was a high school student and hichhiked all US taking 2 months when I was 20’s. So I easily pick up unknown passenger when I drive.

It was 20 years ago that I picked up an Italian boy on the way from Chamonix France to Venetia Italy. He was an Italian cook probationer lived in south of France. I met his at the parking lot at auto route. I gave him a seat as we are the same direction. We passed a good day eating lunch together and communicate with different language. After entering to Italy, the problem happed when I drove to right. He shouted something but I did not understand as his language was Italian. He was upset and asked me to stop. But it was impossible to do it as I was driving on highway. Then a boy pulled out a knife and threatened me. I was obliged to stop a car and dropped him. He was afraid of being kidnapped and I was also afraid of being killed. This reminds me when a guy hichhikes.

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