Tuesday 16 December 2014


I watched a movie FURY. I was interested in seeing the real tank battle. Brad Pitt was so suit to the captain of army that he acted a real leader and patriot.

There was hot tank battles at Bulge and forest of Ardennes, currently a part of Belgium at WWII. As I am a WWII battlefield mania, I like those area and used to visit historical spots in Normandy, Calais, Bastogne, Kiel, etc. for many years. French guidebook “Guide Musées 39/45 France” was so helpful to me. There were many Tiger and Sherman tanks thrown away around Bastogne town at this moment. However they were well retained as important historical displays for visitors.

I don’t know where FURY movie battle was taken at Belgium. Most castings are actors and there is a only actress named Alicia von Rittberg acting Emma. According to my limited knowledge, Von is used for an aristocrat family name in Germany. She was so dignified and well impressed me as well as Brad Pitt.

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