Friday 26 December 2014

Tsunami 2004 & Myself

It has passed a decade since Indian Ocean Tsunami hit the coasts of South East Asia. It was a Sunday morning of December 26th 2004 and I was a passenger of Thai International Air flying from Narita to Bangkok. There was an announcement by cabin attendant just before the arrival at Bangkok airport. When I arrived there, I was so surprised to see many injured people sitting on the ground with taking bandage of the wound. It was a strange scene that they had no baggage although most of them were the tourists. They lost their belongings taking away by Tsunami. It was a horrible scene just like the field hospital.

Honestly speaking, I was thinking to fly on Saturday and swim at Phuket beach on weekend. But I stopped it worrying about outside of consideration so departed on Sunday. This decision helped my life.

Over 200 thousand people were killed and many people lost their houses. During my staying at Bangkok, my colleague hesitated to eat fish food. People were afraid of fish that had grown up eating human body in the sea.

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