Friday 22 May 2015

Tokyo Uni. & Seindensticker

I visited Tokyo University at Hongo in Tokyo. It was a shinning beautiful day that spotted campus greens and main red gate. Prior to be there, I took a lunch at classical Japanese noodle restaurant called Tomoeya. It was just before noon so that few people mostly senior were enjoying quietly their own time.

Tokyo University is top educational institute in Japan. Hongo area locates at hill facing to Ueno downtown and a lot of trees are still remaining in spite of bombing by B29 at WWII. There was famous Yasuda lecture hall symbolized for student movement in 1960s. It stood there as usual that had a contrast to modern Starbucks coffee shop behind. Asian oversea students were talking in English.

I like this town area as many traditional restaurant and shops live together with University. E.G.Seindensticker was one of them who loved this area. He was famous for a translator of Japanese novel Tanizaki Junichiro and Kawabata Yasunari. Kawabata was awarded novel literature prize. Seindenstiker moved from Hawaii in his later years and lived and died there.

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