Thursday 1 October 2015


French family moved to near my house. They followed Japanese custom to have brought a gift for hello. This kind of practice is important for new comer to be a member of the district. They knew it. They used to ask us how to leave garbage box, how to circulate a bulletin, etc., so one day we invited them to teach community practice. It was a beer drinking meeting with fun.

Few days later, they gave us a wine. It was an Argentine wine of Melbec and they told it was very rare type.

We pay an attention for wine whether it is Bordeaux or Bourgogne not for the type whether it is Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Sauvignon etc., So that this kind of choice was new to us. As for Melbec, it was something different taste from others. I can judge whether this Sake is Niigata or Kobe origin but no sense for wine. C’est dur on distingue!       

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