Monday 19 October 2015

Yellow Beetle

Volkswagen had a big emission scandal that they cheated the test. I can`t believe it as VW is deemed a clean company.

When I graduated the University, I bought VW Beetle with my first bonus. It was a yellow used Beetle. I liked its cute shape and trembling muffler noise. My 2nd car was also VW Audi100. It was a good car that could have driven so well. On the way back from Tignes for ski, an old engine exploded and stopped. Its running distance was 162,847Km that meant in Japanese "run more than expected(十六分に走ったな!).

I have a German friend who used to say that VW, Mercedes and BMW are their pride so that German people buy it without any hesitation. They love their national car. I guess it was them who got a shock this time. 

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