Sunday 21 February 2016

Family in Bournemouth

Bournemouth was a beautiful town. I, high school student, did a homestay during the summer holidays there. Every things were new to me, especially the town's colors. How impressive the different reds of bricks, bus, mailbox and green of roadside tree!

I was taken care of a family living in the typical flat house with backyard. Father was a truck driver and they had 2 daughters and 2 boys. Eldest daughter, beautiful blond with blue eyes, was the same age to me. First day she guided me the city. It was windy day. She asked me “Do you have tissue?” “Pardon me?” I didn’t know the word of tissue then. I felt our communication became awkward.

I again visited there twice later It was a nostalgic tour. Eldest daughter got married with police man. Eldest son and second daughter moved to Australia. Younger boy succeeded father’s work. I miss Bournemouth where makes me remember my old days. 

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