Friday 5 February 2016

Soft soap

South Korea legalized adultery last year. According to the newspaper, number of young girls going to the night club increased and unmarried couple became relax for their sex. I was surprised that such law existed till now.

In 80s to 90s, I used to go Korea on business. When I was drinking at bar, the bartender often asked me a soft soap. I didn’t understand the meaning of soft soap but was clear later. There was calling to my hotel room from unknown woman saying whether guest needed a companion in the evening. Drinking Korean style meant companion helped men without using their hands that my senior colleague told. So my colleague smirked if I said I would go to Korea.
I wonder Korea is tolerant or strict for sex. But it is sure that they like to pick up sex issue officially. The comfort women issue at WWII may be one of the tipical example.

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