Wednesday 24 August 2016

Arizona man

My colleague recently started exercise every weekend. It was a good news as he had been doing nothing except watching TV at home. So I advised him to look for a carrot of motivation in order to continue for long time. It is for example a winning by games, sharing times with young women at gym, etc.

According to the US news, Arizona man succeeded to reduce his 300-pound weight by walking to Walmart. His hobby was eating so that he used to go there for buying his dairy meals. It was 1 mile distance and he went 3 times so would be 6 miles a day. It was just to "kill two birds with one stone"

Body building business is very active in Tokyo and we can see actor who lost his weight in a short time. But it costs a lot and has a rebound risk if he stopped his investment. I don't like such an artificial method. Most important thing is to enjoy oneself in the process.

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