Wednesday 10 August 2016

No Kosovo !

When I got a rent-a-car at Sofia airport in Bulgaria, I received a green card which allowed me to pass other countries. A staff told me that you couldn't cross the border without this paper. I filled the proposed country to visit, Greek, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo..., then a staff shouted with big voice that " No Kosovo !"

She continued " No Moldova, No Ukraine..." Kosovo locates on the way to Beograde in Serbia from Macedonia that I was anticipating to drive but I gave up. I have very few knowledge for ex-Yugoslavia issue so that I don't know why. Is it a dangerous area even now with bad security? It looks Kosovo is still isolated internationaly.

Rio Olympic 2016 has begun. Japanese favorite women for Judo, Misato Nakamura, lost yesterday to the player Majlinda Kelmendi who was the first Gold medalist for Kosovo Olympic history. It was unluckily matter for me but want to say congratulation to her. This news changed my impresson to Kosovo a little.

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