Sunday 11 January 2015

007 You Only Live Twice

I visited the location spot for 007 movie “ You Only Live Twice”. It was a film in 1964 a year of Tokyo Olympic. It locates at Kagoshima of South Kyushu where is very isolated fishing village. It is now famous for bonito fishing port. Prior to the filming, they said the staff hired a helicopter to look for the typical Japanese fishing village from the sky and found a very beautiful area.
It was only 007 movie that was taken in Japan before and after. Sean Connery and actress Hama Mie were so beautiful and flash! There were explosion of base under the big lake and Ninja training scean.

Japanese title of the movie was “ You Die Twice(007は2度死ぬ)”   It was a little bit different from the original title. How this miss translation to come? Iran Fleming adopted original sentence from poet Mastuo Basho that a man recognize his living when he was born and in the face of death. So the meaning would be you realize your living just before you die.James Bond is still alive. He only lives thrice.

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