Wednesday 21 January 2015

Nadal and Smyczek match

Australian tennis open 2015 has begun. Federer(2) and Nishikori(5) advanced for 2nd round smoothly. Today there was a match of Nadal(3). The partner was unknown Smyczek.

Nadal is super star won 14 Grand Slam singles titles. But his physical condition was not a good this evening. On the contrary, Smyczek was cool and fired strong shots. I might have thought  Smyczek won the match.

The game ran into the final set and score became 5-4 with Nadal's leading. When Nadal made the first service, one of the audience shouted so he made a fault. Then Smyczek asked a judge to make Nadal's first service again. It was incredible thing that happend for a professional player as Smyczek gave up his limited chance. Nadal finally won the match and Smyczek lost. When the game was over, Nadal celebrated Smyczek`s spirit using the word "gentleman". But Smyczek was too gentle.

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