Tuesday 21 April 2015

Broken Line Monument

It has passed a year since South Korean ferry sank at sea. It was miserable accident that more 290 people mostly young students became victim. Time runs so quickly but the protest for the government is still continuing.

In 1994, there was also a big maritime disaster in the Baltic Sea. It was an Estonian ferry that sank on the way to Stockholm from Tallinn. More than 800 passengers dead including 500 Swedish and 280 Estonian. When I was jogging at the Tallinn harbor the other day, I found strange figured monument. It was called Broken Line Monument that mourns the nightmare.

This kind of ferry is famous for drinking alcohol boat. Many Swedish and Finnish used to come to Estonia for the sole purpose of drinking beer with cheap price. As the ferry sank in the midnight, it was easy to imagine people must have been drunk. Whenever I come across a maritime disaster, I remember this monument.

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