Monday 6 April 2015

California Summer Snow

I visited Saijo city where was 1 hour train from Hiroshima city last month. Hiroshima is famous for atomic bomb that was completely destroyed. It was just one week before the end of WWII ! However Saijo had no war damage so it was reserved with classic scenery, high brown color chimney and white walls of sake brewery.

There were lot of visitors including foreigner and young Japanese ladies coming from long distance. They enjoy walking small alley and drop sake shop for tasting free sake. I was not exceptional one and visited 5 sake breweries on that day. When I visited Kamoizumi brewery, a owner recommended me a rare turbidity sake named Summer snow. It was a good taste. But he said it was not use in domestic as for the 100% export to California.

Sake is mostly produced by family type brewery so that their production number is very limited. I am afraid someday when foreigners come to Japan, they have no opportunity to drink good sake in Japan.

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