Tuesday 14 April 2015

Titanic and 2 dogs

French magazine Le Point said today is a day that Titanic sank in April 14 1912. It was big accident killed 1500 people. It has passed 103 years after that.

I have a sympathy for Titanic story as I visited Cobb at county Cork of Ireland. Cobb had a museum which introduced Titanic passengers history. I was mostly impressed many Irish women were on board who headed for many countries including Australia as there was few women there.

Le Point also introduced hero dog named Rigel who saved many boat people with barking for a long time in cold sea. On the contrary there was a small dog whose owner was richest Mrs. Rothchild. She hid him in the coat so the dog saved. But this dog was killed by the car accident when they arrived at NY. Life is not easy. Even dog has a honor depends on how he ends.

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