Saturday 4 April 2015

Battleship Musashi

At the opening of the movie of “Saving Private Ryan”, an old private Ryan visits American cemetery at Normandy France with his children and grandchildren. He asks his captain in tomb whether his life was properly after WWII.

There was a Sakura party last weekend with my relatives. Most of them are becoming senior and their children already graduated University and were married. It was a very peaceful moment that they are fulfilling a duty of life.Their father namely my uncle passed away more than 10 years ago and was a sailor at Battleship Musashi. Yes, he was a limited survival of sunk Musashi.

There was a news that Musashi was discovered at the bottom of Philippines channel last week. It was sunk by the attack of US air force in October 1944 and more than 1000 sailor died. I have complicated feeling and fatality. I thank for my uncle and want to report we are welcoming this spring together ! 

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