Saturday 26 September 2015

Mission Impossibe

I saw a movie “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation”. It was a typical action movie that made people no boring all the time. Opening flight scene, speedy bike race, camouflage to the other… kept our tension to continue to end and I enjoyed very much.

I was surprised Tom Cruise looked so young although he is still 53 years old. I remember his first movie Top Gun was carried out in 1986. It is incredible that has passed about 30 years since then! It is really impossile thing.

It is said Tom Cruise is autistic. He does not look like. This kind of handicap may make him a little bit different person from others. His villa is in Capri of south Italy where is famous for blue grotto. It is very beautiful island with lot of sunshine, blue sea and fresh olive. I wonder these kinds of natural environment are source of his energy.

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