Saturday 5 September 2015

Strange parade

It was a strange parade. Communist China celebrated 70th anniversary for the victory to Japan. Putin of Russia, Park of South Korea were invited and lined with Xi Jinping(習近平). Were they really winners against Japan?

Russia was a loser of Russo-Japanese War in 1905 and neutral by nonaggression treaty at WWII. South Korea was under the Japanese territory since 1910 and had no experience to have battled. China did not exist in 1945 and was independent in 1949. Current communist party led by Moa Tsu-Tung fought against Japan army. But they worked under the order of Chinese Nationalist Party led by Chang Kai-shek(蒋介石) who was exiled to Taiwan.

If Chang Kai-shek were alive, we might accept his effort. So it is very funny that non fighting people gathered and celebrated.

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