Sunday 5 October 2014

Wallonia and Fremish

When Mr. Jacques Rogge, Chairman of IOC (International Olympic Committee) announced that 2020 Olympic would be in “Tokyo”, it was a historical moment for Japanese. Mr.Rogge is Belgian and his image is neutral and reliable.

I read a book of Belgium history in Japanese this week. I was so interested in their language conflict between Wallonia region spoken in French and Flemish region spoken in Dutch for a long time. My Belgian friend speaks French so that I have been thinking their unique national language is French. But it is not correct.     

Belgium is still a very rich country. There are many flat houses in the suburbs of Brussels city. Most of them are country style ones with fireplace and huge premises. It must be a most beautiful residential area in the world. That book also introduced Leopard II, the King of Belgium in 19th century. He dominated his African colony Congo with power and lot of Africans were killed at that time. I don’t believe their prosperity come from that violence. Belgium is a small country, but their history is complicated and filled with a tense feeling.  

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