Monday 6 October 2014

Gingko nut

Typhoon hit Japanese islands. It caused great damage to the houses and transportation system to stop. After typhoon left, the sunlight has poured into the city. It is so beautiful. There is no cloud in the sky.

Soon after the rain stopped, some people gathered at the park to collect the ginkgo nut. It is a present to have carried by typhoon. Gingko nut is very delicious in autumn. When you parch on the frying pan and try to peel the rind, you should be care as it is very hot. I don’t like this process so that I used to ask someone to help.

When I was on the air plane flying from Dallas to NY in old days, an old women was next to me. She spoke about the travel to Japan and told me what was the most delicious food there. She said it was Gingko nut and said “ Ginnan Oishii !! (Ginkgo, it’s delicious !)” in Japanese. I was impressed to hear that and rediscovered its taste. It became my weakness since then.

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