Monday 20 October 2014

Vulture fund

Nikkei stock came off 700 yen last week and recovered 500 yen today. It is just for one day that market is very volatile. Individual investor is hard to catch up this trend. I am not exceptional one. I buy the stock when it goes up expecting the price goes more and sell thinking the price goes down more. Logically it is an easy mark away from getting profit. 

When I had an opportunity to talk with my friend who was a professional trader well knowing the market practice. He said it is a hedge fund that pours cold water into the baked stone when the price hit high. It also calls out individual confusion selling. Then it is the best timing for the hedge fund to buy back at the low price.

They are called vulture funds. Vulture eats the animals when they become weak. We should be care not to be eaten by vulture.

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