Tuesday 14 October 2014

Rumanian spirits

A friend of mine gave me a Rumanian spirits which was called ZETEA. It was a very strong liqueur that was similar to eau-de-vie in France. It was a plum based one and the taste was so fruity though the alcohol was strong.  

This new experience makes me ease the prejudice for Rumania. The most famous man in Rumania is Price Vald Dracul the Impaler and
Nicolae Ceaușescu for me. I am so scared both of them. Especially the story of Vald Dracul, he stick the spear to his enemies into anus without killing them and took lunch seeing the bodies. Dracul (Dracula) became the man who suck woman's blood in the novel after that. Ceausescu was also the tyrant. He made Nadia Comaneci to be his personal belongings.

ZETEA makes me also nostalgic as if I were traveling unknown country.

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