Wednesday 8 October 2014

Guevara day

It is very horrifying scene that Islamic State soldier assassinated English and French civilians to cut their necks. It is not what should be happened in 21 century.

French journal Le Point said that today is a day Che Guevara dead in 1968. He was a revolutionist and famous for the founder of socialism Cuba as well as Castro. Guevara was killed by Bolivian army. After his capture and shoot in jungle, they cut his both hands from dead body as a proof. It was the same what happened in Congo when Belgian army massacred people. They also cut black's hands as well. Those ceremony used to happen in 20 century.   

I don't know much about Guevara himself. Only I know him is T-shirts designing. As he was an intelligent and good looking guy, it must help young one to motivate something. On the street in Tokyo, I often see the Bolivian musician playing rhythmical music with short flute. Its melody hard to make us image what occued 46 years ago.

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